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The perfect blend of cutting edge technology and vast industry relationships sets DigitalMGMT apart from the competition. We “turn the lights on” for publishers, granting them access to ad networks/agency relationships they may not otherwise have access to and freeing up their time to focus on what they do best. We work with advertisers to ensure their digital marketing is using the optimal tools and strategies to ensure each campaigns success.

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    Advertising & Site Operations

    A partnership with DigitalMGMT means publishers no longer have to worry about how to monetize their websites. As traffic grows publishers increasingly deal with things unrelated to their content. DigitalMGMT helps publishers to refocus on creating quality content for their audiences while allowing us to mange the advertising and site operations. Our services not only save our publishers time but also increase revenue.

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    Digital Marketing

    Our publisher relationships and in-depth knowledge of the advertising ecosystem allow us to offer unique products to our advertisers not available anywhere else. These premium and competitively priced products give advertisers the opportunity to have more control over their marketing dollars by leveraging DigitalMGMT’s unique capabilities. We can develop customizable direct, real time bidding and retargeting campaigns to maximize advertisers return on investment.

  • Web Performance Optimization Services

    Site speed is the single most important feature of any website. If your website doesn’t load…none of your hard work matters. Site speed is associated, in the mind of the end user, with a site’s reliability, credibility, security, and stability. Faster websites provide a better user experience, higher conversion rates and improve website revenue. We take the guesswork out of site optimization, streamlining everything from site speed to user navigation. This helps ensure visitors find your site, spend more time there and come back.

Leadership Team

A collaborative team of professionals driven by client success

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    Chris Stark


    About Chris Stark

    Chris has had an affinity for the digital space for as long as he can remember. Even from his days in real estate development, he was using online tools to maximize transactions and efficiencies. Though his real estate career proved successful, his passion for the digital world took hold. He began attending digital conferences, where he spoke to attendees about how to leverage their high-traffic sites to increase revenue. Countless publishers began approaching him, frustrated with their sites revenue. They also wanted to shift their focus away from advertising and site management and back to doing what they loved. Chris was determined to help, and thus DigitalMGMT was born. Today, the company manages websites with upwards of 350 million visitors annually to help them optimize their sites and grow their revenue.

    Chris holds a Master’s Degree in real estate development from Arizona State University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration from Washington State University where he double majored in finance and entrepreneurship.

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    Paige Owen

    Director of Marketing

    About Paige Owen

    I am a lover of culture, people, and words and those aspects merged somewhere down my college path to lead me toward PR and Marketing.

Our Clients










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    Todd Unger, Chief Digital Officer,

    Bringing DigitalMGMT on to handle our remnant ad management has proven to be a great move. They've done a terrific job getting our remnant operation optimized and increased our metrics across the board--paid impressions, CPM, revenue, all up--and brought us additional deals. DigitalMGMT works autonomously, provides solid expertise and insight about site set-up, checks in with me on new ideas; and handles urgent situations quickly.

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